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now this is how i think this forum should work.  all parties explain their side
of the story.
patsy wrote:

> In response to the recent posting by Carrie Kyle-Byrne, I would like to
> offer a few clarifications of 3 statements made in reference to the Leica
> ASP 300 Tissue Processor.
> 1)"ALL replacement parts (like o-ring and cap seals) and servicing parts
> must be shipped from Germany (they will not stock ANY parts in the US)."
> *This statement is not accurate. Leica Microsystems does stock the most
> frequently demanded replacement parts in the U.S. for all Leica
> manufactured instruments, including the ASP 300 Tissue Processor. Leica
> factory-trained service engineers are strategically located throughout the
> U.S., and are required to carry common replacement parts that are
> immediately available to customers. In the event that a replacement part is
> not in stock in the U.S.,  it can be shipped overnight from our
> manufacturing facility in Germany.
> 2)"according to their service manual, the pump in it must be serviced
> every 3-6mo (depending on usage).....this seems absolutely ridiculous to
> me!"
> *This statement is not accurate. Leica Microsystems Service Manual for the
> Leica ASP 300 Tissue Processor recommends that the pump be serviced every
> 48 months. Leica Microsystems recommends a Preventive Maintenance
> Inspection (free of charge) be performed on the Leica ASP 300 following the
> first 6 months after installation , whereupon the pump is routinely checked
> for proper function.
> 3)"lastly, the darn things are way backordered.....another dept. in our
> company
> has ordered one and they can't get it until the end of April at the
> earliest!"
> *This statement is misleading. The market reception of the Leica ASP 300
> Tissue Processor  has been exceptional due to its innovative features and
> Leica's commitment to providing a quality product. The initial customer
> demand for the ASP 300 Tissue Processor created longer than normal lead
> times for new orders, which has responsively been addressed with increased
> production efforts. Leica Microsystems coordinates the shipping of the ASP
> 300 with a customer training class provided in the U.S. headquarters in
> Chicago. Leica Microsystems recommends that customers attend the 2 day
> training class prior to installation of the ASP 300 in their laboratory.
> We regret any inconvenience to our customers that the instrument delivery
> and scheduling of customer training may incur.
> Lastly, we would like to thank our customers for their continued support of
> Leica Specimen Preparation Instrumentation and regret any misunderstanding
> that may have been communicated to Carrie Kyle-Byrne in respect to the
> Leica ASP 300.
> Regards,
> Patrick J. Devor
> Product Manager
> Leica Microsystems, Inc.

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