Re: RE-Mitosis

From:Lorraine Rolston

Thanks Geoff,(and the others who replied) your answer was the one my friend
Maurice was expecting.but he thought it was worth a try.I think that they are
hoping to demonstrate mitosis from just prior to onset,  right through all of
the stages , ending with two separate cells.

Geoff McAuliffe wrote:

>     I am not sure that I understand your question. You want to know if
> mitosis has occured after the fact, as in, this cell divided yesterday or
> several days ago? If that is your question, the answer is no. The only way
> to see mitosis is to catch the cell in the act, not easy to do.
>     You can see incorporation of DNA analogues such as thymidine or
> bromodeoxyuridine with autoradiography or immuno, but you must give a
> compound to label the cells before they start to synthesize DNA.
> Lorraine Rolston wrote:
> > Hi there everyone,
> > I have a question here on behalf of a colleague.Is there a simple
> > histology stain that will demonstrate cell mitosis within 2 weeks of it
> > occuring , without using an immunohistochemical assay.Would a Methyl
> > Green/ Pyronin do , or , perhaps the Feulgen reaction ? I would really
> > appreciate some help with this one.Thanking you in advance.
> > Cheers,Lorraine Rolston.(very new histonetter.)
> > Histology Lab./Anatomy/Biomedical Sciences Division,
> > University of Auckland,
> > New Zealand.
> Geoff
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