Re: Question about Tisue Tek VIP fixative

From:Jill Songer

Funny you ask this question today. I was going to post the same question. 
We have noticed a difference in sectioning since going to this fixative. 
Seems tissue is not as well fixed as before. We have increased time on 

Has anyone else experienced this?

At 07:45 AM 3/12/2002 -0600, Gayle Callis wrote:
>Has anyone been using this new fixative developed by Sakura touted for
>keeping VIP (other processors?) cleaner?? It was developed to prevent
>tubing from clogging and eliminate the need for water rinses after cleaning
>If so, questions:
>A formalin fixative buffered in some proprietary way - how does is compare
>to routine NBF?
>Have you noticed any changes in immunohistochemistry, routine staining, and
>other special stains
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