Re: Placenta Update

From:Cathy Gorrie

Re: Placenta Update
Ask your researcher to bring you a (written) copy of the journal article with the methodology she is attempting to follow, then you will be able to point out all the discrepancies between it and the very clear protocol you would normally use.

I agree with what Thomas Jasper said. If the researcher can explain to you what they intend to do with the tissue, you may be able to compromise, or shock horror!, make helpful suggestions. Over-fixing may possibly destroy some things (Ag's, enzymes) BUT under-fixing will most certainly result in poor morphology and crap sections, especially for placenta. Maybe she needs to do some more research about alternative methods that will suit this tissue type and optimal fixation.

Good Luck, Cath

Hi everyone,
Thank you all for responding to my dilemma.

Here's an update on my placental problems.  Not only does the researcher have problems cutting the tissue smaller than 3 mm thick - she also wants it in formalin a minimum amount of time before processing (2 to 3 hours).    I've explained that the results she'll achieve under these conditions will be poor - but she insists.  Any other suggestions I may give to her?

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