Re: Placenta Update


in my experience, the PI's have snip bits of information and don't bother to see
the whole picture.  this one may only want 3 hours of formalin fixation because
they read somewhere that over fixation can adversely affect the IHC they want to
do.  they often do not understand very much about fixation, processing,
microtomy and staining except that they want it to look like some pictures from
some article they have seen.  they usually are not open to having these concepts
explained to them because they are not interested.  some of them are very
paranoid and actually think that the tech is trying to sabotoge them, giving
them bad sections on purpose.  perhaps you will have to have a councilor
intervene.  maybe this is a new career for me now that I am retired, i can
specialize in techinal staff -PI/Pathologist counciling.  you might just as well
as tell them to pray to the god of tissue processing to get the best results as
tell them what to really do.
patsy ruegg

"Jasper, Thomas" wrote:

> Dear Louri,
> You asked if anyone had any suggestions for the researcher at this point.
> Well aside from the obvious ones which are unprintable on the histonet there
> really aren't any. However, I sure have a lot of questions. What does she
> know about anatomic pathology? Is she purposely in pursuit of poor(at
> best)information? Does she understand basic microanatomic structure and
> preservation? Do the words"poor results"mean anything to her? Is this
> research really in social science and you(Louri)are the subject in a study
> of performance under adverse conditions? Maybe she just doesn't like you?
> Perhaps she could be kind enough to share with you exactly what her
> objective is? Once that is clear maybe she will understand that she is
> thwarting your efforts to reach this objective? Good luck!
> Thomas Jasper HT(ASCP) BAS
> Histology Team Leader
> SMDC Clinical Laboratory
> Duluth, MN

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