Re: Placenta

From:Lance Erickson

The easy solution is to fix the specimen first before you submit
cassettes. That is not always possible and wastes a lot of formalin.
Many times you can't fit all of the placental parenchyma in one
cassette. To get true morphologic relationship and see all layers from
maternal surface to chorionic membrane you will often have to submit two
to three cassettes. Another thing that helps is an instrument from Mopec
(others might carry it?) that is large forceps with big paddles at the
end. You can hold the tissue in between the paddles and make thinner
slices running a blade between the paddles. It makes it easy to get thin
sections on specimens that are difficult to thin out (placenta, breast,
etc.). Hope this helps.

Lance Erickson
Anatomic Pathology Supervisor
Primary Children's Medical Center

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