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From:Marsha R Price

I think that the reason this is such a sore spot is that this has
happened to many of us Histotechs too many times, on this particular
list. I myself have been threatened by two different vendors (and I do
mean viciously) on two different occasions. I was just responding to
someone's question on this list. I know do not respond to anyone on this
list unless it is personnally because of this and others do not benefit
when we have to do that.

Since the vendors entice us at meetings etc. is it necessary to have them
on this listserve? I think since we have their e-mails, phone numbers
etc. we do not need them on this listserve. I think they are using our
listserve to monitor and control not to be helpful, because the only time
you hear from one is if you give an opinion about their product that is
not in favor of their product.


On Wed, 13 Mar 2002 12:40:40 -0800 Nancy Klemme
> This is becoming a real defensive "them" and "us" discussion.
> Personally, I am "them" and I am "us"....a histologist employed by a 
> vendor.
> We are not opposing teams.  We are not even two sides of the same 
> coin.
> One does not survive without the other. One is not better than the 
> other.
> We are all dedicated to histology at large.
> Every one of us is a hypocrite and every one of us is a saint - just 
> not at
> the same time.
> Sometimes we discuss in a specific factual manner, sometimes we 
> embellish
> our experiences with emotional judgments and adjectives.
> Just as a representative (or two or three) from commercial 
> employment acted
> in a disappointing manner, I have witnessed (and probably 
> contributed to)
> disappointing behavior out of the clinical setting as well.  We've 
> all
> done/said/experienced something we've regretted.
> The vast majority of Histonet subscribers have not entered into this
> discussion hoping it would just go away.
> Let's continue on with the productive and helpful Histonet stuff.
> Life happens.
> Could we kindly get on with it?
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