Re: MSDS for dyes...

Jean Mitchell, BS, HT (ASCP) at University of Wisconsin Hospital & Clinics 

>>We no longer keep MSDS of any kind on site. In fact our hospital safety 
department has strongly requested that all MSDS files be removed from our 
labs. Instead of keeping them on site we have  "MSDS on Demand" where we call 
an 800 number posted by the phone and the required MSDS is faxed to us within 
15 minutes. In the case of an emergency situation someone stays on the phone 
until the situation is remedied/taken care of or under control.<<

This policy is certainly Good Management, since it reduces people's access to 
information, but it seems to me that it contravenes the original intent of 
having MSDS on file in public view - which was to enable any worker - or 
anyone else - to have access to safety information about any materials used 
in their work place. 

With this policy, workers - practically speaking - have to go through 
management channels to get information to which they have a legal right. 

As incomprehensibly written as most MSDS are, the practical effect of this 
change in policy isn't going to be very great. But I do think that the 
original intent of requiring on-site MSDS files here should be respected.

If nobody else does, I often read them!

Bob Richmond
Samurai Pathologist
Knoxville TN

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