Re: Lymphoma Diagnosis


In the beginning all lymphomas were diagnosed using frozen section IHC.  It took
a long time to get the lymphocyte markers to work on ffpe tissues and some of
the subsets still don't work very well in ffpe tissues.  There are lots of
publications out there on this subject.  The ASCP QIHC exam still requires
phenotyping on frozen lymphoid tissue.

Sharon Cassar wrote:

> Is there anyone out there who is doing immunohistochemistry on fresh lymph
> node tissue for the diagnosis of lymphoma.  We do immunohistochemistry on
> paraffin embedded tissue and our pathologist would like to do on fresh
> tissue because surface membrane immunoglobulin light-chain restriction is
> not routinely demonstrated in paraffin section.
> I would like to know what antibodies, antibodies source and method are being
> used for frozen sections and if there is any literature about comparitve
> study for the diagnosis and classification of malignant lymphomas using
> frozen-section and paraffin section immunohistochemistry.
> Thanks in advance
> Sharon Cassar
> Histology Section, Pathology Dept.
> St. Luke's Hospital
> G'Mangia, Malta

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