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From:Gayle Callis

I don't think this plastic kit is made anymore.  It is methylmethacrylate
mixture using Plastoid N as a plasticizer and Perkadox as the accelerator.  

For more information, contact Delaware Diamond Knives and talk to Joe
Tabeling, he can tell you if another company is making it under a different
name OR if there is an equivalent. I know you can make up your own mixture,
but Plastoid N is from Europe and may not be available in the United
States.  Plastoid N can be replaced by dibutyl phthlate, and the
publication on this mixture was in Stain Technology under Buijis et al.  It
has been used extensively by many labs, however, accessing Perkadox is a
pain, requiring refrigerated trucking. It is explosive and also the
replacement for benzoyl peroxide - also explosive!  

At 04:46 PM 3/7/02 -0500, you wrote:
>Dear Histonetters,
>Can someone give me infornation about a MMA based resin called K-Plast?  It
>might be made in Germany.
>Thanks in Advance,
>Judith Strauss
>SUNY Upstate Medical University
>Department of Orthopedic Surgery
>Institute for Human Performance  rm 3118
>505 Irving Avenue
>Syracuse, NY 13210
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