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I always bought the supernant and used it mostly neat.  Ocationally I would dilute out some of the very strong antibodies but it would usually be 1:1.  They will put you in contact with the investigator who developed the antibody.  This is a great under utilized source of antibodies in my opinion.
I found their antibodies to be the best of quality, and they have excellent customer service.  Karen Jensen runs the place and she is a wealth of information.  She has actually worked with a lot of the antibodies banked there.  Give her a call or email and tell her Patsy Ruegg sent you and she will talk your head off with really useful stuff.  You can purchase the purified antibodies from them but they are a lot more
expensive and I never felt it was necessary.  If you have a good blocking and detection system the stains come out very clean in my experience.
"Johnson, Teri" wrote:

> Hi Patsy,
> We're looking into getting antibodies from the hybridoma bank.  Is there anything I need to know regarding their use after we purchase them?  It looks like you can get them partially purified;  do you recommend getting them in this form?  I've never worked with anything but purified antibodies, so I don't know what to do with antibodies in ascites fluid.  Do you have any references I can turn to for this information?
> Thanks!
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