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i think the autopsy laws are different from state to state.  in colorado we are not allowed to charge for autopsies, but there is a autopsie cost reimbursement program for recovering some of the cost of doing them.

James Small wrote:

 Of course, in MOST hospitals I'm familiar with, the doctor gets paid $0 for autopsies and still pays the assistant...Jim Small MD And our "doc' get payed $500 and pays the assistant (who does most of the work)  $75....
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a morgue deiner is a histotech (usually) that assists at autopsies or sometimes does almost all the autopsy him/her self and then the pathologist comes in and observes and records the results

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Pardon my ignorance, but what is a "deiner" or "diener"?  (Sorry, I don't
remember the correct spelling.)  An internet search didn't help.

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