From:Gayle Callis


TGIF, you started my weekend off with a chuckle! 

You win the day, send photos to all, bet that cassette is never crammed
full again!!  Hopefully she won't cram a bigger cassette full due to is
oversize, then you will have mush! Heavy sigh!  

Gayle Callis

At 11:43 AM 3/1/02 -0600, you wrote:
>  Louri 
>How about a deeper cassette? 
>Failing this you should be able to cut a thin enough slice by using two
>stiff backed razor blades held together with a spacer of desired thickness
>between these. failing logic the...ask her how she would feel, if she was a
>size 18 and was crammed into a size 14 dress and then placed into a
>solution where she would swell. 
>In fact you may want to try this, would love to see the before and after
>Barry Louri Caldwell wrote:      Does  
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