Re: CD15 (Leu-M1)

From:Phyllis Davie (by way of Histonet)

     Here is the information about what we do for CD15.  Clone MMA is
really the same as Leu-M1, at least according to Becton Dickinson.  I
contacted them several years ago, and got verbal assurance that they were
the same (I #025#ve been ordering it under the same catalog number for
[mumbledy-mumble] years).

CD15;  clone MMA

* Mfgr/Vendor:  Becton Dickinson # 347420

Becton Dickinson
 Phone: 800-223-8226
 Fax:  408-954-2007

* Control:  spleen * Pretreatment:  Steam in 10mM citrate buffer, pH
6.0(+/-0.3) for 20 minutes in vegetable steamer, followed by a 20'
cooldown.  Rinse in buffer or water, then incubate slides @ RT for 10
minutes in Pronase solution (0.01% in PBS), followed by rinsing in
distilled water.  Wash in buffer.  * Dilution:  Apply at 1:50 and incubate
for 40 minutes @RT.    Wash in buffer.  * Secondary:  biotinylated
anti-MOUSE IgM, Vector # BA-2020, 1:400 in PBS (incubate 20 #025# @ RT) Wash in
buffer.  * Detection:  Elite  Avidin-Biotin-Complex #020#Horseradish Peroxidase
(ABCHRP), Vector # PK-6100, made per kit instructions.  Incubate 20 minutes
@RT.   Wash in buffer.  * Chromogen:  DAB

 Best of luck,

 Phyllis Davie
 PhenoPath Laboratories--Seattle, WA

 on 3/7/02 10:36 AM, Goodwin, Diana at wrote:

 > Greetings, Histonetters.
 > Can anyone tell me a source for CD-15 clone Leu-M1?  Is this clone
 > commercially available, or is it held under a patent?
 > Diana Goodwin,  HT
 > Trenton,  NJ
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