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I apologize and do not intend to offend the author of this email, but could
someone translate this one for me, I am not sure of what they are saying.
Patsy Ruegg

Sinoera Tech wrote:

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> Dear Mr. Bob Richmond,
> Please note that we said we did not start from :"sym-dichlorodimethyl
> ether". ( really this compound is carcinogen, we are not the first one to
> mention this compound on histonet, if you have no this data, we can send you
> in details).
> Dear sir, in the recent English Suzhou is " Suzhou", not "Soochow"( very old
> and no longer used anymore). Suzhou is the most developed area in China.
> This spelling "Suzhou" is from standard chinese spelling, not the english
> name. Just like we can not use chinese spelling to call "Tennessee" as
> ....etc.
> Right now we don't concern the connection of Mr. Bob Richmond with Anatech.
> It is not necessary for you to clarify this potential relationship if any.
> We never told histonet about "BSC  address the issue of environmentally
> appropriate manufacture ", we knew that BSC certified the dyes' results, not
> their production process.
> One thing you are right, here BSC indicates "Biological Stain Commission",
> thanks for your reminding.
> We must let the histofield choose Alcian Yellow, Alcian Blue or their newly
> alternatives. If everybody discards Alcian Blue or Alcian Yellow, then, at
> that time their really new alternatives arise.
> We appreciate the success of the alternatives made by ANATECH, and we are
> also pleased to find the new way to synthesize the Alcian Blue, Alcian
> Yellow in bulk qty, not from "home labs", the starting materials are enough
> for supplying the market needs, even tons kilos ? Their intermediates are
> NOT the so-called " intermediates... impractical".
> Good luck !
> Kind Regards.
> -
> Sincerely Yours,
> Minggeng Wang, Ph.D / President
> 258 Binhe Road,
> Suzhou New District,
> 215011 China
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> Subject: Re: Alcian yellow
> Phil Bergin at Göteborg University in Sweden asks:
> >>But is there a reason that people have stopped making Alcian Yellow? It's
> a
> topic that seems to come up fairly often, and I was wondering why people
> have
> stopped making it if its in such high demand.<<
> A lot of information about Alcian yellow and Alcian blue has been exchanged
> on this list. Briefly, the manufacture of these two dyes by the methods
> originally used to make them had to be stopped, because some unnamed
> carcinogenic synthetic intermediates could not be handled.
> Dick Dapson at Anatech (a regular on Histonet, of course) worked out
> alternative syntheses that did not involve these intermediates. Currently
> Anatech is offering Alcian blue, and has announced the availability of
> Alcian
> yellow in the near future. (Note: I have no connection with Anatech.)
> From time to time Minggeng Wang, Ph.D at the Suzhou Sinoera Chem Co., Ltd.
> in
> China (the traditional English spelling of this place is Soochow) has
> announced the availability of both dyes, most recently in a communication
> yesterday. They stated that
> >>Both stains are produced by safe way and environment approval, they are
> not
> started from the sym-dichlorodimethyl ether.<<
> This is the first time I have seen the carcinogenic synthetic intermediate
> named. Is this in fact the intermediate that made the manufacturing process
> impractical?
> Dr. Wang goes on to state:
> >>Good news, we are just approved by BSC a bulk lot of Alcian Blue 8GX, lot
> 20020129A early this month with the help of Mr. Frank Matthew of BSC. Our
> Alcian Blue 8GX is also being accepted/purchased by Merck KGaA, bulk lot.<<
> Supposing that BSC is the Biological Stain Commission: can anyone on
> Histonet
> verify this? Did the BSC address the issue of environmentally appropriate
> manufacture when they issued this approval? If they didn't, should they
> have?
> Bob Richmond
> Samurai Pathologist
> Knoxville, Tennessee USA

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