From:Barry Rittman

How about a deeper cassette?
Failing this you should be able to cut a thin enough slice by using two stiff backed razor blades held together with a spacer of desired thickness between these.

failing logic the...ask her how she would feel, if she was a size 18 and was crammed into a size 14 dress and then placed into a solution where she would swell.
In fact you may want to try this, would love to see the before and after pictures.

Louri Caldwell wrote:

Hi Everyone, I have a researcher who is working with placenta.  The problem: she wants to show all the layers, is cutting the tissue 5 mm thick and cramming it into a cassette, and is not satisfied with the results.  I have explained to her that it will be necessary to cut the tissue thinner before placing it into the cassette to achieve adequate processing, but she states this is too difficult. Does

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