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Dear Ron

We currently have and run a number of the major processors. Definitely the
pick of the bunch would be the Sakura Tissue-Tek VIP5. In a word superb.


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Subject: seeking to purchase a new tissue processor

Hello sales reps and histonetters,

Our lab is looking into purchasing a new (not used) tissue
processor. I would
like any reps out there to contact me. We are looking at all brands
that can
hold 300 or more blocks. We are a veterinary pathology lab located in the
northeast. Please contact me so I may pass on your information (including
price ranges) to my manager.
Also, anyone who has recently purchased a new processor (within the past
year) please feel free to contact me personally and let me know of your
experiences. Thanks.

Ron Martin, B.Sc.,HTL/HT (ASCP)

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