RE: prostate needle biopsies washing

From:Walzer Susan (by way of Histonet)

Ours are fixed in Omni-Fix or formalin and put on SuperFrost Plus slides. We
do not use antigen reteaval but use a stonger trypsin instead. We dry them
overnight in a 50 degree oven. The only time we have had a problem is when
someone has their waterbath too cool and fine wrinkles cause the tisue to
come off. We use K-903 antibody from Enzo and it works well.

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Subject: prostate needle biopsies washing

We are having a problem with prostate needle biopsies for high molecular
weight cytokeratin.  Most are fixed in Bouin's, some in formalin, and
paraffin embedded.  We have tried using only DI water in the waterbath (with

no additives), using silanized slides, and draining the slides well before
drying them in a 60 degree oven for 1-2 hours.  They often are washing
deparaffinizing, some during steamer pretreatment with HipH target
 Is anyone else having this problem?  What have you found that works for

Ellen Yee

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