RE: need some avian information, please!

From:David Manager

Dear Dusko, I forwarded you query to a Vet Pathologist friend and here is her reply. David.

David Taylor
Laboratory Manager
Drs King & Mower
Adelaide, Australia

Subject: RE: need some avian information, please!

I would suggest they try posting their email to one of the veterinary
servers - birds are not my field but there are many specialist avian
pathologists in the US and Europe.

Try: University of Minnesota's Web site as they have a specialist raptor
centre and train specifically in Avian Pathology - the usual search engines
should lead them to it.

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From: TRAJKOVIC, DUSKO [R&D/1825] []
Sent: Thursday, 14 March 2002 09:23
Subject: need some avian information, please!

Hi everyone on the histo server.Thought I change the subject regarding free
speech and ask for help in regards to some avian problems. I have a friend
in Europe who is trying to get information on a specific rare infection in
birds, called Serpulini (Treponemei) Spirichaety.I know that this is not
your typical histology question, but maybe a Histotechnologist working with
birds, can relay this puzzling question to their pathologist.
My friend and I would be most appreciative.

Dusko Trajkovic
Pharmacia Corp.

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