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From:"Weems, Joyce"

And until the microwave can be purchased - if the person cutting the tissue
will place a trimmed piece of tissue between two cassettes placed back to
back, the tissue will be firm enough to cut "nickel thin."  

Joyce Weems
Pathology Manager
Saint Joseph's Hospital of Atlanta

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	Hi HistoNetters

	Louri Caldwell describes a common problem, of a pathologist (or
	refusing to gross tissue thin enough to allow for decent processing.
	this placenta tissue is left in formalin for many hours, the
formalin will
	never penetrate to the center, much less fully crosslink.

	In Louri's case, at least the pathologist has been honest enough to
	that he or she finds it "too hard" to gross the fresh tissue
properly.  In
	this case, I would recommend a microwave stabilization step.  The
	organ can be placed in normal buffered saline (or formalin-  it
	really matter) and microwaved at 50 degrees C for about 30 minutes.
	resulting stabilized tissue can then easily be "breadloafed" into
	appropriately thin sections for subsequent either conventional or
	fixation and processing.

	best regards,
	Steven Slap

	Marketing Manager/Microwave Product Specialist
	Hacker Instruments & Industries, Inc.


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