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V.I.P. is a trade marked name.  It is an acronym for Vacuum Infiltration
The very first generation VIP made had a model number of #4623.  It was a
large, grey, bench-top unit with adjustment knobs. It was sold by the Ames
Lab-Tek division of Miles.
The next generation of VIPs were the 1000, 2000 and 3000 units.  These were
the first ones made by Sakura for Miles in the early 80s.  They have been
made by Sakura ever since. Those were the ones that were orange or
rust-colored and operated with the use of a magnet.
After that came the VIP-E series ( with a full screen).
The current model is the VIP-5.

The Ames VIP is probably about 23-25 years old.

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Hi all,

Is an Ames VIP tissue processor the same as a Tissue Tek VIP tissue



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