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From:Jenny Oblander

Good Morning All,	
	First question....can someone post the original? Now...In my humble
slightly skewed opinion The purpose of the Histonet is to have the ability
to gather INFORMATION, whether that is about techniques or personal
experiences with equipment used in a Histology Lab setting.Nough said. Jenny

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Mark & Joe -

Thank you so much for posting your experiences.  To say I'm outraged
that vendors would stoop to this level is an understatement.  I'm
sending this on to the Histonet so that ALL the vendors out there
lurking in the dark will KNOW how I feel about this matter.  I'm sure
I'm not alone.  This topic has come up before on this forum and the best
response I saw was basically 'go ahead and sue me, 'cause on a
histotech's salary, I ain't got nothing anyway'.  

Margaret Gondo

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