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it is sad that our world has become one by , for, and to the benefit of lawyers and to the  loss of all the rest of us.  what indeed have we become.
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I didn't see your original posting, and I haven't any idea of which vendor you commented upon; however, I had a similar experience. I made a post about Hacker Instruments and a microwave processor that I believe destroyed our tissue.  The very next day the owner of my lab had a copy of my post and Hacker was threatening to sue.  They got what they wanted: my silence.

Just be careful of what you say.  Some people forget that free speech exists in the United States, and it seems they would like to do away with it.  When we comment on a particular product it must be understood that it is our opinion.  Opinions by their definition cannot be libelous or slanderous, but it is a FACT that this type of intimidation is present on the histonet.  We should all have our freedom to express our opinions without fear.

Mark Tarango

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