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Hi Louri,
Yes, I do have suggestions - but none that I want to put into print. (Most
of them involve a pointy stick thing.) 
You don't have a crystal ball, you don't walk on water, and you are probably
not a magician.  You can explain the fixation, the tissue processing, er,
process, and WHY it contributes to the finished product -but you are
probably barking up the wrong tree.
Good luck, take a deep breath, and drink heavily :)
Tim Webster
Histology Specialist
Northwestern Medical Center
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Give her exactly what she wants, she is obviously an "expert". Then she can
defend her lousy results when she shows the slides at a meeting or seminar. 

Louri Caldwell wrote: 

Hi everyone, Thank you all for responding to my dilemma.  
Here's an update on my placental problems.  Not only does the researcher
have problems cutting the tissue smaller than 3 mm thick - she also wants it
in formalin a minimum amount of time before processing (2 to 3 hours).
I've explained that the results she'll achieve under these conditions will
be poor - but she insists.  Any other suggestions I may give to her? Louri 

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