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I am in way answering this for Louri without her permission.  Unfortunately it doesn't work that way.  She will be blamed for lousy work unless her boss or someone higher up who knows what they are doing steps in and gets the PI under control.  I have been through this myself several times with research material.  Pam Marcum
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Give her exactly what she wants, she is obviously an "expert". Then she can defend her lousy results when she shows the slides at a meeting or seminar.

Louri Caldwell wrote:

Hi everyone, Thank you all for responding to my dilemma. 
Here's an update on my placental problems.  Not only does the researcher have problems cutting the tissue smaller than 3 mm thick - she also wants it in formalin a minimum amount of time before processing (2 to 3 hours).    I've explained that the results she'll achieve under these conditions will be poor - but she insists.  Any other suggestions I may give to her? Louri 
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