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From:Gayle Callis

Well, I just had to try it, and for the young lady who had to do 800 phone
number to get a FAX within 15 minutes - getting into www.EMSCIENCE.COM took
less than 5 minutes.

I suggest your hospital safety department rethink HOW you access MSDS
faster. I think 15 minutes is too long (our lab hard copies in binder are
in immediated line of sight) particulary when heightened emotions/panic of
an emergency arise, any extra things one has to do is time that should be
dealing with exposure etc. Whew, having to wait for FAX (as stated before)
would drive me nuts, our departmental fax machine is a whole building away! 

You should also download MSDS to computer file upon receiving the
chemicals, even faster than getting into website.  


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