MSDS on dyes

From:Tracey Gunn

Hi Michelle,

As Health and Safety Officer for my workplace, I have made an effort to get
as many MSDS sheets on all of the dyes we have but have struck a few
problems.  Most of the dyes we have (hundreds) were inherited from other
smaller histology labs within the University, so didn't arrive with MSDS
sheets.  Also, most of our dyes are quite old, so the company that produced
them, may not do so now.

You will probably find that the ones you use most often will be available
from the internet, but the more obscure ones (we have lots of those) will
be harder to source.  Another problem with dyes is the multitude of names
that they go by, so if you are looking for one in particular, make sure you
have all of its alternative names to look up as well.

Good Luck!
Tracey Gunn.

>Hi folks,
>Do all histo labs have current MSDS sheets for dyes?
>We don't and I have found that many others don't either.
>I have had the suggestion made today that perhaps we should obtain them. I
>think it sounds like a lot of work, especially if no other labs appear to
>have them.
>Feedback, comments appreciated.
>Michelle McAnulty-Smith
>Histology Co-ordinator

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