Fwd: The Nerve!

From:"Dr. Ian Montgomery"

        Of course your not bad, in fact, apart from the odd occasion your all very good. I never fail to be impressed at the service you offer and help you so willingly give. I have very good working and personal relationships with many of the equipment vendors, indeed I'm such a sad case that I even wear a well known microscope manufacturers spectacles, now that is brand loyalty. I was the subject of a wee threat many years ago but who cares, I've no money, only debt and their welcome to that. But the company involved lost a potential customer, we Celts like to harbour grudges and personal slights.

 I think it is time for a vendor to reply to these incessant comments. I
 am a vendor. I have owned my business for twenty years. My father
 owned the business before me and my grandmother was a histotech at
 Montefiore Hospital in the Bronx from the 1930 through the 1950s. I
 a bit about the business of histotechnology. I feel that I am helpful,
 honest and understanding both of my products and my customers. It is in
 my best interest to be that way. There may some bad apples out there
 for the most part I think that any successful salesman or business
 will cater to their customers. So far I have seen mostly vendor bashing
 save for Vinnie's comments. Let's not forget that it is the vendors who
 pay for the R&D that improves the quality of life in your labs. Without
 the vendors, the NSH conventions and state society meetings would
 probably not exist. And let's not forget that at those meetings you all
 walk around and fill your little bags with free samples and toys,
 Tshirts, mugs and money. When you have problems you call us to help
 solve them, night or day. Most of my customer have my email address,
 cell phone number, office number (toll free) and home number. So maybe
 its time to turn around and look at the other side of vendors. Work out
 the problem with whoever it is that caused this controversy in the
 place and let's move on. And may an aknowledgement that vendors are not
 all bad would be a nice gesture as well.

 Best Regards to all and enjoy you weekend

 Cliff Berger
 Decal Chemical Corp

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