Anti-keratin cocktail to stain all epithelia

From:Mikael Niku


I'm trying to build an anti-keratin cocktail capable of
staining all bovine epithelia. To keep the costs down,
I'd of course like to buy as few separate antibodies as
possible. What kind of wide-spectrum cocktails are you

I currently have the following antibodies, which together
stain almost all epithelia, but not quite all of them:


The tissues needing improvement are mainly parts of thymus,
some of the renal tubuli, and to some extent liver and
thyroid gland. The cytokeratin expression patterns might be
a bit different in the cow and in human, though. So I'd
just like to get a cocktail staining as many cytokeratin
types as possible.

I know there was some discussion of keratin cocktails
here a couple of years ago but that wasn't really helpful
for me.


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