where's John Kiernan?


John Kiernan sent me a note and asked me to post it to Histonet.

Bob Richmond
I'm still receiving all the Histonet stuff, but when I
try to post anything I get a message from the server
telling me how to subscribe! This has gone on for a month
or more now, despite the fact that I have unsubscribed
several times. Linda M said last week that she would
"manually" unsubscribe me, so that I could start anew,
but this hasn't happened yet. The probable reason is that
Histonet has me listed as jkiernan@julian.uwo.ca and the address
has been changed to jkiernan@uwo.ca. Although messages to
the older address are still accepted, the new one isn't
on record in the histonet server, so it can't act on my
unsubscribe message, even though I spell it correctly
nearly every time.

I have sent replies to some individuals, with requests to
forward them to histonet, but nobody has done that yet.
I hope it won't be too long before things are working
properly again.

Best regards,

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