water baths and embedding centers

From:"Renault, Peter" <Peter.Renault@CLS.ab.ca>

	Good day all,
	I am back with some requests and there is nothing better than the
use of the group for information. I require some information from you on
rectangular water baths at least 3 " deep WITHOUT glass inserts.
	 The second is on embedding centers with large heating areas. Many
of the suppliers I have looked at on the net or some of the magazines seem
to have gone away 	from the old Tissue Tek Style of embedding center
with a large heating area to place more than a few blocks on. 
	Should any of you have information you can pass on I would greatly
appreciate it. 
	Many Thanks in advance for you help in this pursuit!

Pierre Renault Tech 3
Foothills Hospital 11th Floor
Calgary Laboratory Services
pager  303-8327  *peter.renault@cls.ab.ca

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