mixing chemicals....

From:Colleen Forster <cforster@tc.umn.edu>

Here our environmental department gives a list of the chemicals that can
be mixed together for disposal. since we are not recycling
alcohols/xylenes that i am aware of they let you mix those together with
acetones etc.. they give us code numbers for each
chemical and by those you know what can be mixed and what can't. if you
mix them wrong you pay a higher price for disposal
as they have to determine what the waste is b4 they can do anything with
it. With special stains, heavy metals,picric acid, etc. have to be
seperated for disposal. nothing down the drain!!!!

I think that is a good policy as people get complacent and if you can
put one thing down the drain soon other things are also going
down the drain. it is our environment we need to protect. Each county
will have its own set of regulations to follow. If you don't have
a dept. in your facility that takes waste you need to be sure to check
with your county. If someone in the facility takes it you need to be
sure and check with them.

-- Colleen Forster
U of MN, Dept. of Neurology

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