bone stain for non-mineralized/mineralized tissues

From:Cathy Mayton <>

I am not familiar with the stain you are searching for but you may want to
try an additional stain called Sanderson's Rapid Bone Stain, which is sold
by Surgipath Medical.  The stain clearly differentiates between mineralized
and non-mineralized bone.  It also defines dead bone.   You may want to
refer to the following paper:   Sanderson, C., Bachus, K. N., Staining
technique to differentiate mineralized and demineralized bone in ground
sections. J Histotechnol, 20(2)119-122,1997.

Hope this helps,

GLP Compliant Laboratory

Cathy A. Mayton
Project Director
Wasatch Histo Consultants, Inc.

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