Re: methyl green as counterstain

From:Amos & Theresa <>

    Poly Scientific has a nice methyl green solution ready to use. I
don't recall the cat #, sorry. The procedure is quite simple if you
remember to keep water and alcohol out. 1 minute in the counterstain
then three changes of acetone then three changes of xylene, then
coverslip. Check the stain to be sure you don't need to tweak it.
Sometimes you need 15- 20 seconds more or less time.
piece o' cake :-)
Amos Brooks

Tina Cardamone wrote:

> Hello,
> I have a simple question regarding methyl green.
> Does anyone have a methyl green counterstain  protocol for
> immunohistochemistry.
> It sounds simple however I can't seem to find a protocol anywhere.
> Thanks in advance.
> Tina Cardamone
> University of Melbourne.

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