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--- "P. Emry" <> wrote: > I heard
an interview on npr yesterday with a woman
> who's heard was
> infected and destroyed in Wales.  Made me cry, the
> description of the
> cattle and her loss.
> Does anyone out there know what the disease is and
> why after so  many
> years of being around there has not been a
> successful treatment or
> inoculation developed?
> Thanks,
> Trisha
From Steve Machin in Derbyshire UK, an area where all
footpaths into the countyside are bocked by hazard
tape and signs warning of five thousand pound fines
for entering.

I understand that the disease is viral, self limiting
and the animals recover.  Livestock can be vaccinated
against it and the disease isn't harmful to humans. 
So I'm sure you are wondering which it's a problem so
serious to slaughter entire herds even if their only
crime is to be within miles of an infected animal.  I
dont know the answer to that, perhaps you should ask
the "Ministry for Agriculture Foods and Fisheries".  I
suspect it is to do with "the value of exports".
p.s.  I am not a veggie but I'm thinking about it.

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