Re: formalin carboy storage

From:Vinnie Della Speranza <>

Unless you are using an alcoholic formalin solution, 10%  aqueous formalin is not flammable. The MSDS for rhe specific formalin product you use should provide ample information to advise you about storage requirements if you are unsure of its composition.
I suspect that the surgicenter's position has more to do with their desire to contain formadehyde vapors that flammability.

>>> Sheila Poellein <> 03/28/01 11:11AM >>>
We supply a 5 gallon 10% formalin carboy to an off-campus surgicenter
facility for their tissue specimens.  They keep this carboy in a separate
room that is also used for frozen sections.  They insist that this carboy
needs to be kept in a small countertop flammable cabinet.  What are other's
protocol for formalin storage of your opened container and then also your
bulk supply?  We have never kept our formalin in a flammable cabinet.
thanks  Sheila

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