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I am deeply saddened by this epidemic.  While I'm NOT an animal rights
activist,  I deeply love animals of all kinds.  There is nothing more
lovely, in my opinion, than to see a pasture filled with cattle or sheep
or horses.  And most especially when they give birth and all the babies
are wobbling in the fields on those newborn legs.  I can't imagine what
it must be like to go into the countrside and NOT see them.  This is a
most unfortunate time of year for this epidemic to hit as I'm sure that
in the UK as here in the US West, this is the season for calving,
lambing a foaling.  My deepest sympathies to all of you in the UK and
Republic of Eire.

Connie McManus

"" wrote:
> Hello Connie,
>          Yes the St Patricks Day Parades were cancelled in Ireland as a
> precautionary measure to prevent the gathering of large crowds of people
> just in case Foot & Mouth gets into this country.
>            There have been no cases in the Republic of Ireland and only one
> case in the North of Ireland and that was a sheep bought in from England.
> All sheep that had been brought in from the UK were slaughtered as a
> preventative measure. Since there have been no new cases  it is looking
> better for this little island as a whole.
>          It is a looking like an epidemic in the UK as a result of pigs
> being fed swill from an Internartional  airline. It was in the UK  in 1967
> but vigilance kept it out of here. Now the defences are up again and there
> are checks in place at ports and borders to prevent movement of animals and
> disinfection of wheels of vehicles etc.
>           The Parade in Dublin is to go ahead at a later date.
> Annette Ryan
> Ireland
> At 11:52 AM 3/16/01 -0700, you wrote:
> >
> >I heard St. Patrick's day celebrations have been canceled in most parts
> >of ireland due to the Hoof & Mouth outbreak.   If this is true, I'm so
> >sorry to hear this.  I hope to brighten your day by wishing all Irish
> >Histonetters a most pleasant and happy day, anyway!
> >
> >and to all the rest of you...  Let the party begin!! *G*
> >
> >
> >Connie McManus (whose good Irish name comes by way of marriage)


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