Re: Tape vs Glass auto-coverslippers

From:Amos & Theresa <>

    Glass is definitely superior in quality to plastic tape. The cytologists
probably dislike the tape because it is uneven. If, after the slide dries, you
look carefully at the surface of the newly covered slide there will be
distortions in the thickness of the plastic. Some plastic pulls away from the
slide if you use poor quality tape and impure xylene.
    There are however a few advantages, speed for one. The Tissue tek is very
fast. The coverslips are usually easy to remove too. So, as with everything it
is a trade off. You just need to determine what is more important to you.
Amos Brooks

Bruce Gapinski wrote:

> We're looking at auto-coverslippers. Our cytologists say they hate the tape.
> Anyone tried the Leica? Do you Like-a? (sorry, bad pun).
> Bruce

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