Re: Paraffin Sectioning Aid cutting bone???

From:Amos & Theresa <>

    Although Decloaker (as I recall) says to just toss the slides in the
solution without deparaffinizing or hydrating them, you may want to do it
anyway. It takes more time but you may be able to be more gentle with the
tissue than just the one solution.
    I have a preference to steamers. I think they aren't as harsh on the
tissues. You might want to try EDTA for retrieval on the bone sections, it
might help if all else fails.
Amos Brooks wrote:

> Hello Histonet-We are currently cutting human bone with the Instrumedics
> Paraffin Sectioning Aid and have experienced problems with the sections
> falling off while doing an immunohistochemical protocol for Cat-S requiring
> antigen retrieval. The antigen retrieval method we are now using is
> Decloaker in the pressure cooker for 5 min., warm for 10 min. and then cool
> for 20 min. Could anyone offer suggestions for an alternate antigen
> retrieval using this sectioning aid or any other method to prevent section
> loss??
> Thank you,
> Kate Rhodes
> 610-270-7340
> FAX 610-270-7202

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