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I think the one you are referring to is Thompson and Luna, An Atlas of
Artifacts.... It is out of print, but I have been told there are still some
paperbacks out there that can be had once in a while. It is invaluable if
you can get your hands on one. Luna's last book : Histopathologic Methods
and Color Atlas of Special Stains and Tissue Artifacts, 1992, American
Histolabs Inc, Gaithersberg, MD is somewhat more limited but still good. The
most comprehensive still in print is: Atlas of Microscopic Artifacts and
Foreign Materials by I-Tien Yeh, et al. also very good but usually runs over


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> I am looking for a good manual of  artifacts. There was one out there
> years ago by Lee Luna-I believe. Probably out of print by now. Can anyone
> help??

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