Re: Leica disposable blades

From:Connie McManus <>

I use Lieca blades... for the time being... until I usse them all up and
I can go back to my Surgipath blades.  I don't know what the CMS blades
youmention are like, but I use low profile blades.  My Leica blades are
model 819.  I don't know what the catalogue number is, but there is a
number on the inside flap of the box that reads:  0819C06 and there are
50 blades per box.  

hope this is helpful

have a nice day all
 Connie McManus

Tim Webster wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm looking for the model number of leica blades that are equivalent to CMS
> #030-530 in dimension.  I inadvertantly tossed the box away and the
> following day (after the trash had gone!) I realised that all we had left
> was model 819, which is much narrower and doesn't fit our blade holder.
> I fell in love with Leica after winning the war with tissue compression, and
> although the blades maybe donkeys years old, scavenged from the back of the
> drawer, I WANT SOME MORE!
> I believe the model could be 818? If anybody has information on the model
> number and/or a U.S supplier, please let me know.
> Tim Webster
> Northwestern Medical Center
> Fairfield Street, VT
> (802) 524-1070


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