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On Sat March 31 at 10:23:45 hrs (EST) Ida No <> wrote:

> Please can someone tell me how to do gold toning of
> unstained or palely colored skin, so that some sections
> will be darker and some paler, depending on their location?
> I would like to have this information before tomorrow
> afternoon, if possible, to impress my boss.

Unless some  Histonet regular has the books and papers
to hand (and perhaps someone will, and post the detailed
technical instructions), you will need to put in a bit of
library work on Sunday morning. The following references
should help you make a good impression on your boss.

Willie W & Tim T (1948) Acquisition of gold from residual
sources and some cutaneous and other applications.
CHIPS 38(12):1.
 (This was an early popular exposition of the subject, in
  a journal interestingly printed on pink paper, illustrated
  with numerous line drawings, all on one page.)

Lohfarbehaut H (1959) Uber Brauntannenhaut mit Weisstitzenbum
fur euer lustern Meister erregen. Hamburg: Rieperbahn-Verlag.
 (Still the authoritative account, based on the author's
  pioneering studies at the universities of Cannes, Meit and
  Cannought. Chapter 5 probably contains the items your boss
  wants, and you may want to photocopy selected pages. The
  book often falls open in Chapter 5.)

Fond LE, Gropetrauser HI & Ogleburd S (2001) A quantitative
comparative survey of the spondelic response of afzelian
integumentary irconisms to relieving dystanic patients of
their auric, argentous or imprinted equivalent assets.
Phil. Trans. Roy. Soc. Lond. B 321(1) 606-666.
 (Unfortunately many university libraries no longer take the
  world's oldest scientific periodical, not because it is too
  expensive, but because its "impact factor" is rather low.
  If you can obtain even a photocopy of the 3-page abstract
  of this paper, you will read much that is more recent than
  can be found in earlier works, and you may be discouraged
  from buying some proprietary commercial products.)

Good luck in your pursuit. Let us all know what you can
achieve before mid-day on Sunday.

  A. Prilnoddi

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