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There is not coverslipper in the world that will work well with little
maintenance and/or normal upkeep.  The key is to maintain the machine as you
would any other lab equipment and the machine will last you 10+ years.
Well, maybe not all machines but we have the Hacker/Meisei coverslippers
that are both going on 10 years old-they are still working fabulously (with
the proper maintenance, of course).  We are big fans of Hacker Instruments
because of their quality and excellent customer service.

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> We are currently weighing the pros and cons of glass coverslipping versus
> plastic.  Our pathologist are pushing for a glass coverslipper because of
> problem with the plastic coverslips popping off of the slides over tiime.
> was a problem 5-7 yrs. ago, but it seems to have cleared up, but they
> don't trust it.  Is there a glass coverslipper on the market that works
> with as little attention and maintenance as the plastic one?

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