Re: GFP mice and how to fix?

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        it depends on what other antibodies your going to use. The save bet is OCT and LN2. I've worked with GFP in FFPE (formalin fixed paraffin embedded) tissues as well but your GFP has to be EGFP (enhanced) otherwise you will see no GFP. I've also formalin fixed EGFP then frozen the tissue and have got nice morphology with EGFP fluorescence.  Hope it helps.

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>>> Kim Kusser <> 03/22 4:02 PM >>>
Hi all,

I need some suggestions on how to do the following:

We have the GFP mice.... Anyways, we are going to take the cells from the GFP mice, and inject them into non-GFP mice to follow. Now, the questions is...what is the best way to fix organs when sacrificing the animals as to preserve the GFP protein? I will also want to do visualize other antigens with fluoresence. I usually just freeze organs in OCT on LN2.

Any ideas?


Kim Kusser 

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