Re: Destain haematoxylin, not DAB

From:Amos & Theresa <>

    Acid alcohol (0.1& HCl in 70% EtOH) will take out the hematoxylin nicely.
It's hard to remove DAB even if you want to.
Amos Brooks

Tracey Gunn wrote:

> Hello,
> A client wishes to remove haematoxylin from an immuno slide stained with
> DAB.  She has left the slide in haematoxylin too long, and now the DAB is
> extremely hard to see.  Is there any way we can remove the haematoxylin
> without removing the DAB?
> Thanks,
> Tracey Gunn,
> Histology Service Unit,
> Otago University,
> Dunedin,

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