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I don't know about the carryover problem, but I had a recent problem with a
loose wire on the fluid sensor.  Sometimes Val (the Autostainer) thought she
was in fluid when she was only in air.  If that is the case, as a temporary
fix you can turn off the fluid sensor in the programming (tech service will
tell you how), then get a service guy in to repair or replace the part.

This problem was particularly frightening for me since I had a run where all
of the patient slides were (falsely) negative, but my + control slides were
all beautiful.  I might not have realized the problem if I hadn't been
paying attention to how much reagent was in the vials at the beginning of
the run, and how much SHOULD have been used.

Yet another reason why we can't quit thinking and paying attention just
because we are automated, and why automation won't replace us!!

Bonnie Whitaker

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> The IHC department at our laboratory has been experiencing several
> with their DAKO autostainer, and wanted me to see if anyone else in
> has had these problems and what they did to correct them besides the
obvious of
> contacting Technical support. The autostainer is not applying reagents
> the racks. For example 3 of the 12 slides may not be stained with the
> hematoxylin.  Also, there is carry-over. These problems have been occuring
> no error messages on the run log. Any feedback would be greatly
> Charnell E. Jones, B.S., HTL(ASCP)

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