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From:Dale Denise Hardy <>

I have used the following instruments:
Ventana ES & Nexes (IHC) - Great instruments!  Pricey if you do not qualify for high volume discounts, however uses minimal amount of reagent to cover the slides (100 micro liters).
Ventana Special Stains modules - Our institution had difficulty getting consistent results, however we did have some of the first instruments placed.  The company (Ventana) bent over backwards to work through our issues although some had still not been resolved as of 6 months ago.
Ventana Benchmark - We actually had just received the open system or Discovery unit.  It appeared to be working well for IHC and in-situ (with non-Ventana probes).
Dako - Nice machine for IHC.  The only problem I remember having with this unit was keeping the trays level so that the solution flowed onto the slide in a uniform fashion.  Reagent cost is dependent on size of tissue and number of slides run.  I'm not that familiar with total cost and availability of antibodies.
Biogenex Optimax -  Currently using this equipment; extremely easy to use.  Little to no learning curve so it's great for labs who have their staining responsibilities on a rotation.  Good supply of pre-dilutes from the company.  For IHC and Special Stains problems could occur if the instrument needs to go from one reagent to the next due to low volume.  I don't think the count down (math) of reagents is always correct.  The volume of solution is adjusted based on need (100 - 400 micro liters) so cost is dependent on the size of the tissue and number of slides.  I notice more inconsistency with special stains than IHC, largely due to spreading issues.  The spreading issue can require you to use more reagent than you would like.  Allowing the special stains reagents to come to or be stored at room temperature seems to help the spreading problem along with the use of barrier slides.  Reagents for special stains can only be purchased in kit form and not individually, however reagents are not coded to the individual kits.  This means that when you run a PAS and a PAS for fungus, you need to separate kits - however since the periodic acid is the same for both kits the instrument will use out of only one vial.  Therefore you may run out of Periodic before the other reagents are used and have to replace the entire kit.  I have logged this problem with our product specialist and am waiting on a reply.
Biogenex i6000 - Just had one of these installed.  Second generation to the Optimax, however soft ware development and installation is not complete.  This unit is faster than the Biogenex and I'm hoping that when the software is complete (2 months?) that the new liquid level sensor will be of benefit.  Will be happy to keep you posted.  Both product specialist and sales representative are trying to work through glitches encountered during installation.  

>>> "Beverly Braswell" <> 03/17/01 09:43AM >>>
I am interested in hearing the views on the BioGenex IHC Automated i6000 
System, compared to Nexes, Benchmark, and the Dako.  Please list the pros 
and cons which you have experince with.  Please include any non-consistent=20
staining problems and the quality of the results.

Thank You,

Beverly Braswell,HT(ASCP)QIHC
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