RE: yellow rbc

Checked the pH of your formalin lately? Might be hematin (or formalin)
pigment. Try immersing the deparaffinized slide in 70 % ethanol containing 3
mL of ammonium hydroxide for 30 min - 3 hours at room temp. Rinse well with
water. Rinse with 1 % acetic acid(aq). Rinse with water again and proceed
with the staining.
 Good luck, Donna Montague
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Subject: yellow rbc

Dear Histonetters,

We are getting yellow staining of red blood cells in formalin-fixed
mammalian tissues. Does anybody have any experiences or ideas about this?
Thanks very much.

Mark Schrenzel
Zoological Society of San Diego
Center for Reproduction of Endangered Species
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