RE: stain for aluminum in plastic sections

my AL procedure is very simple
make up a 0.5% solution of solochrome azurine in dih20
ph to 5 with weak acetic acid i believe (remind me to check this)
the solution will turn red (filter solution)
stain the gma sections in this solution for 1 to 12 hours at RT
pour off the stain and rinse very well in dih20
pour on a solution of 0.4M EDTA ph 7.4 for 30 min.
rinse well with dih20
pour on another change of 0.4M EDTA ph 7.4 for 30 min.
rinse well in dih20 and then let sit in dih20 for 5 min. until clear
rinse again
ary dry
coverslipp with permount
AL will appear as blue deposit lines around bone
it is much like tetracycline in that it goes to where new bone is being
formed and deposits there, it is much more detramental than tet. though as
it prevents the formation of anymore bone after it is deposited, so it must
be chelated or the bones go to hell

Iron can do the same thing and deposit at the same mineralization front as
AL, so you must do an iron stain at the same time to confirm that the AL
positive reaction is really AL and not iron.  The iron stain does not stain
AL.  We published a paper on this a few years ago in JOH, I will find the
reference for you.  

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Could I please get a copy of your procedure?  I'd love to try it!  (I've
already ordered the reagents for the other, but if this is much
better--which is what I am hearing--I need to know it!)


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