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We went through this a couple of years ago during an inspection and the end
result was the formalin did not need to be kept in a flammable cabinet but
it did need to be kept in a secondary container that would contain any
possible spill.  We found such a cabinet at American BioSafety in Rocklin

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		Subject:	formalin carboy storage

		We supply a 5 gallon 10% formalin carboy to an off-campus
		facility for their tissue specimens.  They keep this carboy
in a separate
		room that is also used for frozen sections.  They insist
that this carboy
		needs to be kept in a small countertop flammable cabinet.
What are other's
		protocol for formalin storage of your opened container and
then also your
		bulk supply?  We have never kept our formalin in a flammable
		thanks  Sheila


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